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5G-MAG Workshop “Media Production over 5G NPN”

5G-MAG Workshop on “Media Production over 5G Non-Public Networks”

21st April 2021 – 15:00 to 18:00 CEST, Virtual Event

The 5G Media Action Group (5G-MAG) organizes the workshop “Media Production over 5G Non-Public Networks”.

This interactive workshop aims at gathering input from different stakeholders in the media and ICT industries around the objectives of the new study in 3GPP:

Three sessions will tackle different aspects of Media Production over 5G NPNs, with the final one organized as an interactive exchange. The main objectives of the workshop are:

  1. To collect input on the objectives of the Study Item from the media vertical around relevant media production use cases, media device and network orchestration solutions and other media-related aspects of Media Production use cases.

  2. To introduce relevant 5G System features coming from 3GPP and collect input around e.g. NPNs, Network Slicing, QoS classes, network event reporting and assistance, etc. that may be useful for media production.

  3. To facilitate collaboration and discussion around reference architectures for media production (including media and control flows), relevant QoS requirements and KPIs, protocols, codecs and service layers, etc.

Download the Agenda here:

Agenda - 5G-MAG Workshop 3GPP SA4 NPN4AV
Download • 153KB

Among the objectives of this new study in 3GPP, several aspects will be identified: how media production can beneficially use 5G systems; the relevant network features (such as QoS classes, network slicing, network event reporting and assistance) and their usages within the media production environment; potential gaps in 3GPP specifications and the need for normative work; the AMWA NMOS orchestration framework and its applicability to and usage with 5G Systems; the mapping of existing protocols onto 5G System delivery and possibly provide recommendations for developing new or profiling existing protocol(s)/codec(s) for 5G-based media production usage.

Download information about the NPN4AVProd Study Item here:

Download PDF • 140KB

Ludovic Noblet presented the activities in 5G-MAG around media production over 5G Non-Public Networks and the opportunities to start shaping these new technology ecosystem to fit the requirements for local area media production and contribution scenarios. In order to discuss the commercial and ecosystem implications, and the technology features and architecture, two workgroups (CP-C and CP-T, respectively) have been set up.

Introduction to 3GPP Frédéric Gabin - 3GPP SA4 Chair Download Presentation Slides - Watch Video

Frederic Gabin introduced the activities in 3GPP SA4. Within the global mobile standards setting organization, 3GPP, the SA4 workgroup is responsible for the specification of codecs for speech, audio, video, graphics and other media types related to traditional and emerging media services such as extended reality (XR) and online gaming, as well as the system and delivery aspects of such content. A new work item NPN4AVProd (Feasibility Study on Media Production over 5G NPN) has been approved and will be active until Q1/2022.

Media Production requirements (AVPROD and VIAPA) Ian Wagdin - 3GPP Rapporteur VIAPA, 5G-MAG CP-T Chair Download Presentation Slides - Watch Video

Ian Wagdin provided an introduction about the different types of production in terms of preparation, resources, obligations and workflows. A distinction between three tiers was done from more to less demanding scenarios. He also introduced the previous work in 3GPP around the SA1 study on Audiovisual Production (AVProd) use cases, captured in TR 22.827, from which several of them will be picked as reference for the new NPN4AVPROD study. In terms of requirements, they are captured in VIAPA (Video, Imaging and Audio for Professional Applications) TR 22.263.

What is a 5G Non-Public Network? Peter Hedman - 3GPP Rapporteur eNPN Download Presentation Slides - Watch Video

Peter Hedman showed a presentation about the work in 3GPP on Non-Public Networks, with a focus on Rel-16 and Rel-17. The main ambition is to address the needs of vertical industries on networks tailored for specific enterpirse users with limited geographical coverage and with demanding requirements. Two different architectures models are supported : Public network integrated NPN (PNI-NPN) and Stand-alone NPN (SNPN). The slides present a comparison between the two of them as well as insight into on-going work on aspects such as authentication of users in an SNPN with credentials owned by a separate entity, the support of VIAPA requirements, support of IMS voice and emergency services for SNPN and different aspects around UE Onboarding.

SA4 Study Item on "Media Production over 5G NPN" Thorsten Lohmar - 3GPP Rapporteur NPN4AVProd Download Presentation Slides - Watch Video

Thorsten Lohmar introduced the new study on Media Production over 5G NPN Systems which spans from Q2/2021 to Q1/2022. The main objectives of the study cover the opportunities for using 5G NPN systems for media production as part of the emerging ecosystem of connected equipment such as IP cameras, displays, etc and the setting up and management of IP flows between them. In particular, the study focuses on the protocols and tools applicable to different scenarios (e.g. the diversity of codecs, protocols and formats such as ST 2110, NDI, SRT, RIST, etc) and how they fit into the use of 5G under different scenarios like production or contribution. From the 5G system point of view, the study will provide insight into beneficial network features (e.g. network Slicing, different QoS classes and QoS separation, network event reporting and assistance) and will identify potential gaps in 3GPP specifications and the need for normative work.

The technology landscape and the transition towards IP Peter Brightwell - BBC Download Presentation Slides - Watch Video

Peter Brightwell presented the technology landscape and transition towards IP highlighting the fragmentation in terms of manufacturers covering different parts of the chain and the technical challenges into the migration to IP and software which affect areas such as media transport, automation, security, timing-sync, discovery, resilience, configuration and control, signaling, monitoring,… His slides introduced the different RTP transport standards, transport timing standards, video compression, audio and streaming in use today. On the control side, he introduced the approach followed by AMWA NMOS and other protocols for device control and networking in IP facilities.

The speaker sessions were followed by three interactive session covering use cases for tier one and two production, namely sports, music and large-area deployments ; tier three events including news-gathering and small-scale deployments ; and audio production and audio networks. Questionnaires were facilitated to the audience in order to collect feedback for the internal work in 5G-MAG.

Interactive Session: 5G NPNs for Tier 1/2 Events: Sports, Music and large-scale deployments Session moderated by Ian Wagdin and Thorsten Lohmar Session Questionnaire

Interactive Session: 5G NPNs for Tier 3 Events: News-gathering and small-scale deployments Session moderated by Morten Brandstrup and Thorsten Lohmar Download Presentation Slides - Session Questionnaire

Interactive Session: Audio Production and Audio Networks Session moderated by Maria Dolores Perez and Thorsten Lohmar Download Presentation Slides - Session Questionnaire


Wednesday 21st April 2021 15:00 - 18:00 CEST

Open event. Free registration and participation

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

More information at:


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