The 5G Media Action Group – 5G-MAG – is creating an operational framework for the harmonious and market-driven implementation of 5G solutions capable of meeting the requirements for the production and distribution of audiovisual media content and services.

​5G-MAG is a cross-industry organization gathering stakeholders across the media sector, including content and service providers, network operators, component and technology solution suppliers, equipment manufacturers, R&D organizations, regulators and policymakers.


It is an independent not-for-profit association with its own legal identity, funding, governance, and administrative rules. The seat of the association is in Geneva, Switzerland.


The development and deployment of 5G technology is one of the key topics around the globe today. While previous mobile technologies established a closed communication universe, 5G introduces a paradigm shift with respect to industry engagement, new services and business opportunities in many market sectors. As one of these sectors, huge benefits are expected along the entire value chain of the global media industry.

The vision of 5G-MAG is to facilitate and foster the usage of 5G technology in the global media sector, from the CREATION of audio-visual content and services, their DISTRIBUTION across various networks to the CONSUMPTION of audio-visual media. 5G-MAG strives to enable the markets thereby creating a win-win situation for all stakeholder along the entire media value chain.

The technical features of 5G which are beneficial for the media industry may also be relevant for other industry sectors. Hence, 5G-MAG works to create synergies with other verticals such as automotive, satellite or automation.   


5G-MAG invites all stakeholders along the entire media value chain, i.e. from production to distribution and consumption. 5G-MAG aims to raise the awareness of the potential of 5G utilizing 3GPP standards, and other related DVB and ETSI standards, in the industry in order to create critical mass for business opportunities. 

This calls to start with the following tasks:

  • Identify relevant use cases in the global media industry where 5G may be beneficial.

  • Define the technical functionalities of the required equipment to enable there use cases, including chipsets and user devices.

  • Estimate the volumes of user devices, chipsets and related equipment, required by the global market together with a timeframe for their implementation and availability.

  • Engage and liaise with relevant stakeholders along the entire media chain, to explain the motivation, understand potential issues, identify opportunities and find a way to unlock benefits and create added value for all stakeholders.


5G-MAG will initially concentrate on these tasks and evolve in time integrating other activities aimed at stimulating and supporting the actual deployment of networks and services. Technical standardization work is not conducted in 5G-MAG. However, 5G-MAG provides a platform to leverage and facilitate standards adoption and the monitor of activities relevant for the media industry. 5G-MAG also enables the framework to help, motivate and disseminate the performance of trials as it brings together relevant stakeholders under one common goal.

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