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Open Software Toolbox for Connected Media Applications

The 5G-MAG Reference Tools Development Programme is now developing the ecosystem of common open software reference tools to support the implementation and interoperability of 5G Media technologies.

Simplifications, support and workflow abstractions are needed in a dynamic world of applications, software-centric solutions and agile developments.

Open Community of Developers

Open developers' community sponsored by 5G-MAG members

Reference Implementations

Reference implementation of 5G media platform components and features

Feedback to 

standards experts

Facilitating exchange between developers and standardization experts

IPR-friendly License Model

Developed to foster contributions, demos, testing, commercialization

Developer community

Regular calls, technical discussions and contributions 

Development roadmap: TARGET 2023

Learn about the implementation efforts for 2023

Use the 5G-MAG Reference Tools

Learn how to use the tools in services and applications

Contribute code

Learn about the License Model and IPR

Join the open communities


GitHub Repositories

Development, standards and feedback


5G-MAG Reference Tools mailing list

Communication, announcements, releases


5G-MAG Forum

Fast way to discuss with peers