5G-MAG has its own legal identity, funding and governance. Membership is open to organizations worldwide that wish to support, follow and contribute to the work of the association.

Stakeholders across the media industry may wish to join in order to explore the benefits and impacts of the adoption of 5G technologies in the domains of distribution, production and contribution, and also ensure the emerging solutions fit their specific requirements and needs. 5G-MAG is also a platform to discuss commercial arrangements, market perspectives or equipment, and requirements for networks and infrastructure.

Companies from other induestries, such as automotive, safety, automation, and, in general, the information and communication technology (ICT) domain, may wish to join 5G-MAG to understand the key interests of the media industry and find synergies for new business propositions.

Thinking of joining 5G-MAG? Please do not hesitate to contact us at for more information.



Gain insight into 5G and its application to the media industry

  • 5G-MAG  members benefit by gaining valuable insights into 5G technologies and their application to content distribution, production and contribution.

  • 5G-MAG members gain first-hand knowledge of and interaction with the stakeholders involved in the development of 5G for media applications with a global perspective.

Help shaping the market for 5G in content distribution, production and contribution

  • 5G-MAG members define use cases and requirements that help to ensure 5G standards are optimized for their needs.

  • 5G-MAG members shape the nascent market, discussing and building the necessary framework for the implementation and deployment of 5G solutions for the benefit of the media industry.


Networking with different parties within the industry and external organizations

  • 5G-MAG members benefit from a platform encompassing professionals from different areas tackling technical, commercial or regulatory aspects.

  • 5G-MAG members have a direct connection to relevant stakeholders, organizations and projects where the association establishes liaisons.

  • 5G-MAG brings together members to actively engage with other organizations, particular with a direct connection to standardization.



All 5G-MAG members have the same right to participate, contribute, vote and be elected in the Steering Group.

There are four categories of Members based on their size, measurable on annual revenues:

The "Micro" category also includes universities, Regulators, public research bodies, institutions, NGOs and not-for-profit organisations.




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