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Current Topics

Media + Connectivity + Action


Media over IP & Content Production

Live contribution and remote production beyond just connectivity

Non-Public Networks (SNPN & PNI-NPN); Registration and on-boarding; Uplink Media Streaming (Network Assistance, QoS management,...); Time Sensitive Communications;. Real-Time Communications;...


Live and On-Demand Media Streaming

Driving effective collaboration between media apps and mobile networks

Media delivery over mobile networks; Downlink Media Streaming (QoE Metrics Reporting; Network Assistance; Consumption Reporting...);...


5G Broadcast

Global broadcast standard for TV, radio, data and emergency alerts

Direct to device; linear media (radio and television), integration into OTT apps; seamless switching between unicast and broadcast; emergency warning system;...


Multicast & Broadcast in 5G Networks

Scalability for concurrent content consumpton in mobile networks

Multicast services; broadcast services; MBS User services; point-to-multipoint; HARQ retransmissions; lossless mobility


Media beyond 2D

User experiences beyond traditional 2D services to apps and browsers

Interactive services; multiview; volumetric video; VR Field of view; glasses-free 3D video; free view-point; social media


eXtended Reality & Immersive Media

The computing platform blending the digital, physical & virtual worlds

Immersive Teleconferencing and Telepresence; Immersive Real-Time communication for WebRTC; Immersive Audio; Split Rendering; Messaging Media;...

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Media over Non-Terrestrial Networks

Media over satellites, HAPS, UVAs and hybrid TN/NTN networks

This is a new area of work

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