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New 3GPP Study on Media Production over 5G NPN

3GPP will soon start a Study on Media Production over 5G NPN. As set out in our Explainers (, Non-Public 5G Networks (stand-alone or integrated in a public network), open possibilities to make 5G fit the specific requirements of audio-visual media production in different scenarios.

The new work in 3GPP will do, among others, the following:

- Develop reference media production architectures including media and control flows (such as uplink video, return video, tally, etc).

- Identify relevant QoS requirements for media production workflows (bit rates, loss rates, formats, latencies and jitter)

- Identify relevant 5G System features like NPNs, Network Slicing, QoS classes, network event reporting and assistance,...

- Identify the suitability of existing media production content delivery protocols, codecs and service layers for 5G System usage.

- Study media device and network orchestration solutions (such as AMWA NMOS), and their integration/interactions with the 5G exposure framework.

Download PDF • 140KB


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