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5G-MAG welcomes ANIXENET as new member

The 5G-MAG Steering Group has approved the membership of ANIXENET.


The company, being the first in the Greek area, to be active in hybrid television, potentially, has the prospect of leading, determining the developments of the sector and capturing the lion's share of the market. Having already successfully operated in northern and central European countries, it has the relevant know-how to implement the services it plans.

The company is active in the field of providing services for hybrid television based on the HbbTV, standard, providing combined benefits of data transmission via the Internet and via satellite and terrestrial broadcasting. Some of these benefits are interactivity, personalized viewing and high definition content. Indicative applications of HbbTV hybrid television are the VoD (video on-demand) service, enriched Teletext 2.0 service with video and images, live information service.

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