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New 5G-MAG WI on "Media Distribution over Non-Terrestrial Networks"

The 5G-MAG Steering Group has recently approved the Work Item "Media Distribution over Non-Terrestrial Networks" which kicks off a new area of work.

The scope of the work

Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) are part of the 5G system architecture defined by 3GPP and applicable to different types of orbits: Geo Synchronous Orbit (GSO) and Non-Geo Synchronous Orbit (NGSO).

NTN access networks to directly reach end-user devices and/or can be used as purely transport network components (e.g. backhaul). NTN can provide connectivity in areas without sufficient coverage from terrestrial networks (e.g., in rural areas) and complement terrestrial connectivity or offload traffic from terrestrial networks when needed.

Satellite networks (in particular GSO) have been traditionally used to deliver media services. Broadband connectivity over satellite also plays a role in delivering internet services, including media.

This work item first identifies relevant deployment use cases & service requirements for media distribution over 5G NTN, considering different orbits (i.e., GSO and NGSO) and different types of devices/UEs (e.g., handhelds, cars, other vehicle mounted receivers and platforms). The work follows with a feasibility analysis on the support of selected use cases & requirements by 3GPP technical specifications and the identification of potential key issues.

A full work item description is available to members under the Member's platform.


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