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Future Media Experiences: Exploring Possibilities at the 3GPP Stage-1 Workshop on 6G

5G-MAG has participated at the 3GPP SA1 Workshop on IMT-2030 Use Cases by providing inputs and views from our membership. The work on this inputs have been conducted at WG UC with David Vargas (BBC) acting as rapporteur.

5G-MAG views have been presented by 5G-MAG's Head of Technology, Jordi J. Giménez, who also participated in a panel with other industry organizations. Detailed information about this 3GPP-led workshop can be found at: 3GPP Stage-1 Workshop on IMT2030 Use Cases

If 3GPP kick-starts technology developments towards 2030, these are views, principles and example use cases worth considering.

Key design principles

Media Traffic driving Mobile Data Traffic

  • Increasing media production, consumption, storage, processing over mobile and data networks

  • Immersive applications with higher bandwidth requirements can further increase data volumes

  • Warning on transmission cost CDN egress bandwidth

  • Concerns on Sustainability and Cost

Design principles: Sustainability

  • The 6G System should positively contribute towards reducing mobile network energy consumption while still meeting traffic demand

Design principles: Cost Reduction

  • Cost reduction for operators and users to foster technology adoption

  • Help reducing the cost of video delivery

Design principles: Operation, Automation, Security

  • Enhancing deployability, efficiency, operational cost

  • Secure data framework

  • Exposure of data and management options to service providers

Example of use cases, services and applications which could be supported

Uplink Streaming and Content Production

  • Media services, including AR/VR and interaction, require low latency, low jitter and low packet loss.

  • 6G should emphasize on APIs driven by services and applications

Content Delivery and Streaming

  • Continue and accelerate the integration of Media Services to the 3GPP global delivery platform – economy of scale

  • Build on existing architectures: 5G Media Delivery Architecture and IMS

  • No revolution, but evolution and adaptation to 6G core, radio and design principles

  • Example use case: High-Fidelity Inflight entertainment with Non-Terrestrial Networks

Media Beyond 2D

  • Example use case: Network assisted AI agents: Fitness, sports, games…:

  • Example use case: AI augmented watch party

eXtended Reality and Immersive Media

  • Example use case: Massively Interactive Live Events & Digital Twins

  • Example use case: Enhancing remote multiplayer e-gaming

  • Example use case: Extending remote participation towards perceived physical presence

If 6G specifications are to be developed towards 2030,


Support enhancing Network APIs

  • Simple, intuitive, on-demand, and elastic access to network resources, capabilities and analytics

  • Hiding complexity of federated telco capabilities, open the network for innovation

Focus on Developer-friendly and implementable specs

  • APIs, code, examples, git-environments, exchange with developers, testing, evaluation, code, reference software

Help 3GPP developing specifications

  • Against meaningful KPIs for media services and supporting gap analysis to justify why new RAT is needed

Evolve technology based on experiences and learning

  • building principles established in 5G


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