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Media Production in Campus Networks (Media Broadcast)

Media Broadcast's transmitter site in Nauen, not far from Berlin, is one of the oldest broadcasting transmitters in the world. It is being modernized and upgraded with new, innovative 5G technology.

On this site, we have set up a 5G campus network to function as a proof of concept. It is not just media firms and event organizers that are being offered a unique opportunity to try 5G and comprehensively test 5G applications on protected frequencies – firms from industry also have a unique opportunity to give it a go. There is a strong focus on applications which will make TV productions easier in future and make use of new features at the same time - an independent 5G solution, offering complete flexibility. The 5G infrastructure is made up of both an indoor and outdoor area. The 5G core network employed at the site, the "Open5GCore", was created by the Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute. "Open5GCore" is fully compatible with 3GPP standards. The 5G RAN (Radio Access Network) provides a solution that is independent of the core system. The indoor area consists of Nauen's large broadcasting hall, while the outdoor area covers a stretch of land surrounding a fire retention pond in front of the building. The 5G Blue-Box is the core element of the proof of concept, housing both the 5G standalone core components and the control units for the RAN.

Some data...


  • Media Broadcast GmbH


  • Live contribution​


  • Trial initial setup in December 2020

  • Test site theoretically available for 10 years

  • Test runs in January and February 2021


  • Nauen, Germany


  • 5G Stand-alone (5G-SA) Release 16​

​​Equipment and Infrastructure

  • 5G Core: Open5GCore by Fraunhofer FOKUS Institute in Berlin

  • 2 Indoor and 1 Outdoor radio units by HUAWEI

  • Coverage with two HUAWEI RAN base stations for indoor and outdoor

  • CPEs and Smartphones (HUAWEI)

  • R&S Measurement Devices

  • Several Industrial IoT modems

  • LiveU LU800-Pro 5G

  • SRT Encoders via 5G modems

Main Goals

  • Test and gain experiences with 5G Campus technology from PLAN till RUN

  • Testing several production use cases with partners from the media industry: remote production, nomadic production, news gathering, 5G drone (planned)

  • Create a portable 5G Campus product: The 5G Blue-Box

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