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5G-MAG seeks proposals to coordinate 5G-MAG Reference Tools activities

5G-MAG has issued a Request for Proposals for the coordination of the 5G-MAG REFERENCE TOOLS activities for 2022. Proposals must be submitted to the 5G-MAG Project Office ( by 12:00 CET on Monday 13 December 2021.

Download the Request for Proposals

RfP - Dec 2021 - Reference Tools
Download PDF • 160KB

5G-MAG launched the “5G-MAG Reference Tools” Development Programme ( in September 2021 to develop 5G Media reference tools. The development project, owned by 5G-MAG, has established a growing developer community to create common open-source reference tools to support implementation and interoperability of 5G Media technologies. These tools may be used in validation, verification, demonstrations, trials and even in commercial services.


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