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5G-MAG launched at IBC2019

The launch of 5G-MAG during IBC2019
The launch of 5G-MAG during IBC2019

Stakeholders from the media and telecommunications industries, satellite and terrestrial network operators, and academia, gathered today at IBC to announce a new association that will provide a framework for all relevant stakeholders to collaborate on a harmonious and market driven implementation of 5G solutions in production and distribution of audiovisual media content and services.

​As a new wireless communications technology, 5G has the potential to benefit the stakeholders in the media sector, both in content production and distribution. 5G-MAG will bring together the perspectives of all interested parties, including broadcasters, satellite, mobile and terrestrial broadcast network operators, content owners and service providers, network infrastructure vendors and manufacturers of consumer equipment, and indeed consumers.

This initiative is already supported by more than 50 organisations, including ATEME, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Cyfrowy Polsat Group, EBU, ENENSYS, Eutelsat, ESA, France télévisions, Funke, Huawei, IRT, MBI, ORF/ORS, Rohde & Schwarz, RAI, and Technische Universität Braunschweig.

Antonio Arcidiacono of the EBU, one of the main drivers of this initiative said:

"5G is a global technology and media is important on all continents. 5G-MAG will match the technical capabilities of 5G, including 5G broadcast, with the needs of the media sector, from content creation and service provision to distribution. This goes far beyond the remit of the EBU itself and the public service media organisations."

He added:

"The scope of 5G-MAG is fully in line with the 3GPP and other standardisation work. The real challenge is to get the functionality into the chipsets and devices aimed at bringing successful 5G services to the market to benefit consumers. This will require coordinated effort across the industry and involvement of the regulators."

While this initiative was facilitated by the EBU, 5G-MAG is an independent association with its own legal identity, funding, governance, and administrative rules. The seat of the association is in Geneva, Switzerland.

​At the 5G-MAG General Assembly, scheduled to take place on 16 October in Geneva, the founding members will elect the first Steering Group representatives.


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