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5G-MAG activates 3GPP's Media Systems in Maastricht

In its capacity as a 3GPP Market Representation Partner (, 5G-MAG recently highlighted the achievements of its members to the broader 3GPP community gathered in Maastricht at the RAN/CT/SA plenary meetings.

A key focus of the presentation was the demonstration of 5G-MAG Reference Tools, which provided practical examples of how 5G-MAG facilitates the translation of 3GPP’s specifications into tangible products. The 5G-MAG Reference Tools development programme effectively bridges the gap between technical specifications and practical applications, bringing them closer to operators, service providers, developers, and users.

Furthermore, 5G-MAG is actively supporting its members in leveraging the potential of Internet connectivity, mobile technologies, multimedia systems, and global APIs for media applications and services. It plays a key  role in consensus-building efforts prior to standardization, develops comprehensive profiles and guidelines towards deployment, creates reference implementations, and provides valuable industry and developer feedback to Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) such as 3GPP.

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