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27.10.23 - New Releases! - 5G-MAG Reference Tools for 5G Media Streaming

We are happy to announce the release of version 1.2.1 of the 5GMS Application Server.

This is a bug-fix release to address two issues found during deployment.

The first issue was that ingest requests to upstream media origin servers did not use SNI for TLS connections. This caused ingest fetches to media origins, that require SNI in order to function correctly (name based virtual hosting), to fail which resulted in the media not playing back. This is now corrected and the OpenResty web proxy is instructed to use SNI in its TLS connections.

The second issue affected some versions of OpenResty when dynamic redirection learning was used. In these cases the cache key for the original redirected request and the cache key for the redirected URL were calculated as the same value causing a recursive loop and then failure to fetch from the redirected upstream media source. This manifested as a 500 error upon request of the redirected URL. A simple change to distinguish these two cache keys fixed this issue. 👉 The release can be found at:

The full change log can be found on the release page.

👏 Big thank you to the contributor David Waring (BBC).

👉 More information about 5G-MAG and the 5G-MAG Reference Tools can be found on our website:


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