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23.09.2020 - FLAME: Bringing Media and Telco together in the 5G value chain

5G-MAG will be participating in the online virtual event organised by FLAME. Our member VRT will also be there!

Join FLAME partners for the project’s grand finale event for demonstrations of how media companies have developed new services with 5G through real-world trials using the FLAME platform, and to explore lessons learnt and future directions for 5G adoption and beyond towards 6G. 

The event will bring together views from media providers speaking about challenges they faced entering the 5G arena and views from the Telco world aiming to integrate vertical services into new value chains depending on adaptive and distributed computing infrastructures reaching to the edge of networks.

The event will also feature world-leading companies collaborating through user facing trials to deliver enhanced user experiences and more cost-effective content delivery including Disney Research, VRT, Nextworks, and more.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the challenges of adoption and utility of 5G service delivery models, and to participate in debates with early adopters bringing 5G benefits to broadcast and interactive media.

Wednesday, 23rd September 2020 @ 15:00 - 17:00 CEST


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