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09.12.2020 - IEEE BTS/SMPTE Webinar - 5G Opportunities for Content Production

Maria Dolores Perez (Sennheiser) will be participating in the online virtual event hosted by the IEEE BTS and SMPTE.

In the talk, Dr. Pérez Guirao summarizes the work conducted over the past two and a half years within 3GPP, EBU, and 5G-MAG working groups, for the development of 5G technology for content production.

First, Dr. Pérez Guirao discusses content production use cases and their potential requirements to 5G. Although most of the use cases discussed are already possible with existing technologies, they may see a successive migration to 5G as far as it is able to provide an added value (e.g. cost reduction, simplification of workflows, interoperability) to involved stakeholders. Further use cases, that may be first enabled by 5G, will also be discussed. Further, Dr. Pérez Guirao will resume the standardization activities initiated by the content production community in 3GPP Rel-17 as well as the 5G-MAG activities to accelerate standards development and adoption. To conclude the talk, Dr. Gómez Vaquero, as the project coordinator, will introduce the recently started 5G-RECORDS ( project, an EU funded project which for the very first time brings together at a large scale the content production (PMSE) sector with the telecom sector.

Wednesday 9th December 2020 18:00 CET


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