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MoU signed between 5G India Forum and 5G-MAG

5G-MAG and 5G India Forum have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to cooperate in building and consolidating a successful global ecosystem for industrial wireless communications and in particular to promote the implementation of 5G mobile communication technologies for media services and applications.

This MoU will facilitate cooperation in topics of common interest by the joint participation in events, meetings and promotional activities, with the aim to raise awareness of how global Internet and 5G-based access technologies and APIs can be applied to enhance current and develop future multimedia applications.

About the 5G India Forum

5GIF is an industry collaborative forum which was established to enable synergizing the national efforts and play a significant role in shaping the strategic, commercial and regulatory development of the 5G ecosystem in India. It is aimed at serving a strategic national initiative which concerns all stakeholders, private and public, small and large, to meet the challenge of making 5G a reality in India, at timelines aligning with the rest of world.

About the 5G Media Action Group

5G-MAG is a global non-for-profit cross-industry association fostering collaboration between the media and telecom industries. The core activities include developing technical solutions in the field of multimedia applications based on global Internet, 5G-based access and APIs, shaping technology together with the relevant stakeholders, building reference tools for testing and products, and promoting technology uptake.

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