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Media Services beyond 2D: Use Cases


This is a report produced by the 5G-MAG Workgroup UC (Use Cases, Requirements and Opportunities).

Current version of the report: v.1.0

Date of publication: 6th May 2024


Mobile broadband is used today to distribute traditional audiovisual services to smartphones, home routers or connected devices such as set-top boxes (STBs). This includes distribution of live and on-demand streaming services to apps and browsers, experienced in a two dimensional (2D) format with some degree of interactivity provided within them.

This report presents a collection of use cases and high-level architectures, along with an overview of high-level requirements for media services beyond 2D, while subsequent studies might focus on the extent to which 3GPP and other media-related specifications can support these use cases.

The primary scope of the present document is to provide:

  • An overview of the evolution of media services beyond 2D;

  • A collection of existing and future use cases and services;

  • A high-level perspective on architecture, features and requirements

Figure 22. Free-viewpoint: live streaming
Figure 22. Free-viewpoint: Time-freezing highlights
Figure 22. Free-viewpoint: Space-shifting highlights


5G-MAG welcomes feedback from the community to this document.

If you have comments on the report, please submit them using our GitHub repository for "Request for Feedback"

5G-MAG members may take further actions on this document according to the comments received.


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