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ETSI 103 720 "5G Broadcast System for linear TV and radio services" updated

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5G-MAG completes the 3GPP Release 17 updates for ETSI TS 103 720 v1.2.1

With Thomas Stockhammer (Qualcomm) as rapporteur, ETSI Technical Specification 103 720 5G Broadcast System for linear TV and radio services; LTE-based 5G terrestrial broadcast system" has now been upgraded to incorporate changes and additions from 3GPP Release 17.

Learn more about LTE-based 5G Broadcast:

The work to update the specification has been driven by 5G-MAG as part of three work items dealing with this technology.

The additions, discussed and agreed among members ( are the following:

  • Bug fixes, clarifications and upgrade to 3GPP Rel-17 specification

  • Adding receiver requirements for consistent network planning including requirements on demodulation performance

  • Adding bandwidth information, including 6/7/8 MHz, and broadcast UHF spectrum (based on 3GPP RAN work items)

  • Support of 5GMS over eMBMS with reference to 3GPP TS 26.501 including hybrid use cases

  • Codecs and Formats with reference to 5GMS in 3GPP TS 26.511

  • Support for public warning and emergency alerts based on cell broadcast services.

The process to update the specification based on Release 18 has now started. Comments, bugs to be fixed, or request for additional features, can be submitted here:


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