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5G-MAG seeks proposals to assist coordinate 5G-MAG Reference Tools

5G-MAG has issued a Request for Proposals to assist the coordination of the 5G-MAG REFERENCE TOOLS activities during 2024 in view of the growing community of developers and number of projects.

Proposals must be submitted to the 5G-MAG Project Office ( by 12:00 CET on Friday 15 December 2023.

Download the Request for Proposals

RfP - Nov 2023 - 5G-MAG Reference Tools
Download PDF • 169KB

5G-MAG launched the “5G-MAG Reference Tools” Development Programme ( in September 2021 to develop reference tools for multimedia applications. The development project, owned by 5G-MAG, has established a growing developer community that is creating open-source reference tools to support implementation and interoperability of IP/5G Media technologies. These tools are being used in validation, verification, demonstrations, trials and even may also be incorporated into commercial services. For this purpose, 5G-MAG’s developer program is supported by a permissible license and a community friendly collaboration agreement. The participation is not limited to 5G-MAG members, quite the contrary researchers and independent developers are welcome to join and contribute into the community.

The 5G-MAG Reference Tools development has grown substantially during the period 2022-2023. In particular, to the initial project on MBMS & LTE-based 5G Broadcast, a series of new contributions have been included: 5G Downlink Media Streaming (5GMSd); 5G Core Network components; Multimedia content delivery; Emergency Alerts over 5G Broadcast; 5G Multicast-Broadcast Services (5MBS); 3D and XR services based on MPEG-I Scene Description; Evaluation Framework for AI/ML in 5G Media Services.

Considering the extended scope and growing activity, 5G-MAG is looking for additional support to the work carried out by the 5G-MAG Reference Tools Development Coordinator on specific, new software development projects, providing logistic & coordination support to the community of developers and contributors. The new work includes handling contributions in the area of XR/Metaverse and AI/ML and could be extended further to new topics over the course of the year.


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