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5G-MAG MEDIA ACTION GROUP accepted as PoG by the Metaverse Standards Forum

5G-MAG MEDIA ACTION GROUP has been accepted as pre-qualified organization and group (PoG) at the Metaverse Standards Register.

The Metaverse Standards Register is a publicly accessible database of organizations, specifications, policies, recommendations, guidelines and open-source software related to metaverse interoperability. The Register enables navigation and analysis of the ecosystem of standardization activities relevant to building an open metaverse and to identify connections and gaps in the standardization landscape.

5G-MAG members, with the open-source software development programme, the 5G-MAG Reference Tools, have an opportunity to collaborate with a wider community making available reference implementations of media communication systems based on specifications coming from 3GPP, MPEG and other relevant SDOs.

More information on the MSF Metaverse Standards Register:

More information on the 5G-MAG Reference Tools projects:


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