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28.11.23 - Towards 3GPP Rel-19: NTN & Content Delivery

5G-MAG WORKSHOP: 3GPP-Rel-19 pre-alignment session on NTN & Content Delivery

This online workshop will focus on relevant discussions towards the Rel-19 package decisions for the upcoming 3GPP TSG #102 SA and RAN plenaries in December in relation to the 5G-MAG input as MRP to the 3GPP Workshops organized at RAN and SA.


Potential topics in the scope of the session (extracted from may include:

  • Study NTN enhancements to support NGSO mobile base stations and broadcast to a specific geographical area addressing the discrepancy with beam footprints

  • NTN enhancements to support multicast in connected mode in NGSO, addressing mobility issues including hand-over in particular

  • NTN enhancements on the HARQ feedback/retransmission which can be applied to both PTP and PTM transmission

  • NTN enhancements to support multicast over a downlink only NTN combined with a terrestrial network cell.

  • Study need for architectural enhancements for 5G multicast-broadcast services via NTN

  • Enhancements to support multicast/broadcast over a downlink only NTN and support for a heterogeneous return path (3GPP or non-3GPP access)

  • Study of necessary architectural enhancements for 5G MBS via NTN



DATE: Tuesday 28th November 2023

TIME: 15:00 - 17:00 CET


Please contact david.vargas (a) for more details.



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