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06.10.23 - New Releases! - 5G Core Service Consumers (BSF, PCF)

We have just released version 1.0.0 of the 5G-MAG Reference Tools - 5G Core Service Consumers.

This is the first release of the 5G Core Service Consumer libraries and tools. These are based upon the Open5GS 5G Core and can be used as an independent set of tools for testing or controlling 5G Core APIs or as libraries for adding API handling into your own Open5GS based AF implementations.

The 5G Core presents several Network Functions, each of which has its own set of service interfaces. This is a collection of reusable service consumer libraries designed to talk to the 5G Core Network Functions using some of these service interfaces.

Currently available:

  • libscbsf - Binding Support Function (BSF) service consumer library.

The Binding Support Function (BSF) is responsible for maintaining a mapping between UE PDU Session and the PCF which is managing that PDU Session.

The libscbsf library aids in discovery of the BSF in the 5G Core (by interrogating the NRF) and subsequently looking up which PCF is managing the PDU Session for a UE, identified by its IP address.

This library implements the service consumer end of the following service-based APIs: Nbsf_Management

  • libscpcf - Policy Control Function (PCF) service consumer library.

The Policy Control Function (PCF) is responsible for applying charging and network policy to the PDU sessions of UEs. The Npcf_PolicyAuthorization service API is used at reference point N5 by an Application Function (AF) to request policy changes to the PDU session on behalf of the UE. This allows an Application Function to manipulate particular network QoS parameters for selected IP traffic flows within the PDU session.

The libscpcf library allows an application to connect to a PCF and request an AppSessionContext which it can then use to manipulate the network routing policies for traffic passing across specific application flows within a UE's PDU Session.

This library implements the service consumer end of the following service-based APIs: Npcf_PolicyAuthorization

👏 Big thank you to the contributors David Waring (BBC) and Daniel Silhavy (Fraunhofer FOKUS).

👉 More information about 5G-MAG and the 5G-MAG Reference Tools can be found on our website:


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