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XR Player supported by 5G-MAG Reference Tools

Learn about the recent development on the 3D and XR projects.

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XR Player and integration in 5G - by Imed Bouazizi, Qualcomm

Imed Bouazizi received the Ph.D. degree from the RWTH Aachen University in 2004. He is a Principal Engineer with Qualcomm. He contributes to different international standardization activities, such as MPEG and 3GPP. His key research areas cover immersive multimedia formats and distribution, 5G and cloud media processing, and AI-based media processing. He received an Emmy Inventor Award for his work on 3GPP DASH in 2022..

The XR Player is a set of projects that were added to the 5G-MAG reference tools to enable the streaming and playback of 3D media over 5G networks. In this talk, we will describe the XR Player implementation and lay out the plans for upcoming features. We will also address the integration of the XR Player with the other 5G-MAG reference tools to leverage the capabilities of 5G for an optimized XR media playback.




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