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18.06.2020 - Webinar "5G Spectrum for Industry Verticals"

5G-MAG is participating at the Webinar "5G Spectrum for Industry Verticals". This is the 2nd webinar in the series on ‘5G for industry verticals, standardisation and deployment challenges’ co-hosted with the EU 5G Observatory and a sub-set of 3GPP MRPs.

This webinar takes place on 18 June 2020 at 15:30 CEST. Registration details and the agenda can be found here:

Antonio Arcidiacono, 5G-MAG Chair, will share with the audience some of the key topics under the scope of 5G for media distribution, production and contribution where spectrum and regulation are key topics. The webinar will also look at the needs of other verticals, including automotive (5GAA), manufacturing (5G-ACIA) and public safety (PSCE).


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