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LTE-based 5G Broadcast trials in Colombia

Some data...


  • ID:TOLÚ (R&D institution)

  • Xiro Investment Group (telecommunications provider)

  • Mediamane (Media services)

  • Albavision (Media services)

  • Javier Morgade (OpenAirInterface)


  • Linear TV and Radio​


  • 01/07/2020 - 01/01/2021


  • Santiago de Tolú (Colombia)


  • FeMBMS (Release 14) with variable MCS index​

​​Equipment and Infrastructure

  • OpenAirInterface transmitter and receiver. TX power 60 W


  • UHF Channel 33 (584.5-589.5 MHz)

Main Goals

  1. Testing the delivery of TV and Radio providing multiple channels

  2. Test cost-effective deployment of FeMBMS with OpenAirInterface in Docker

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