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5th General Assembly and 5G Media Demos

The fifth 5G-MAG General Assembly is taking place in Geneva, Switzerland on the 3rd November 2022.

This time members will also have an opportunity to see and discuss about the following demos:

  • Volumetric Video, brought to the GA by HUAWEI

  • Live Streaming with 5G Multicast, brought to the GA by ATEME

  • 5G-MAG Reference Tools, showcasing the latest development of the Open Software Development Programme established by 5G-MAG.

This is an event open to 5G-MAG member delegates only. Members can find all the details in the Members' Area.

EVENT: 5th 5G-MAG General Assembly

DATE: Thursday 3rd November 2022

TIME: 14:00 - 17:00 CET

LOCATION: Geneva, Switzerland


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