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5G-MAG welcomes SWISS TXT as new member

The 5G-MAG Steering Group has approved the membership of SWISS TXT.


Swiss TXT AG (STXT) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SRG SSR, the Swiss public broadcaster. It serves as the leading competence center for Digital Media Operations and Accessibility for all national Swiss Radio & TV stations.

With a strong emphasis on operations and Cloud Solutions, Swiss TXT AG has been at the forefront of guiding Switzerland into an increasingly complex digital future. For over 35 years, Swiss TXT AG has provided infrastructure, content management, and commercialization services to SRG, including access services such as captions and subtitling for various language areas throughout Switzerland. Notable customers of Swiss TXT AG include SRF 1, SRF zwei, SRF info, RTS Un, RTS Deux, and more.

In the past decade, Swiss TXT AG has expanded its services beyond broadcasters and now caters to companies like SBB and governmental organizations such as Parliaments. Its technical services encompass a wide range of offerings, including 4K delivery via IP, multimedia playout, multi-CDN operations, HbbTV distribution, operation of the Swiss Media Hub, as well as the development and operation of the Swiss national content Exchange for private media houses and publishers. Additionally, in the field of Managed Cloud, Swiss TXT AG provides Storage solutions (6PB), VOD, and the Kaltura Hub Europe.

All distribution channels offered by Swiss TXT AG support live streaming and Video on Demand functionality. The comprehensive backend operation covers the entire workflow, which includes Digital Rights Management (DRM), Encoding Transcoding, Media & Digital Asset Management (MAM/DAM), Transfer & CDN (Content Delivery Network) with multi-CDN functionality.

A dedicated department within Swiss TXT AG focuses on providing access services for foreign languages and people with hearing or visual impairments, utilizing advanced technologies. These access services encompass captioning, subtitling, audio description, and signing. In addition to serving SRG, Swiss TXT AG also extends these services to external customers such as Sky and Pro7. This year, Swiss TXT AG introduced remote access services for individuals with hearing impairments and the deaf community in educational institutions across Switzerland.

Committed to innovation, Swiss TXT AG strives to develop, implement, and operate cutting-edge technologies while maintaining a strong focus on quality


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