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5G-MAG welcomes new Steering Group 2023-2025!

5G-MAG proudly introduces it's new Steering Group; at this week's General Assembly the membership elected their Steering Group representatives for the term 2023-2025.

The election process follows a model of constituencies ensuring industry balance and the new SG reflects the diversity of the developing membership.

The following companies now make up the Steering Group (ATEME, BBC, BNE, BT, Dolby, EBU, EI Towers, Ericsson, France TV, Huawei, Nokia, ORF/ORS, Qualcomm, RAI, Swiss TXT, SWR, UPV, Verizon)

We thank them in advance for their time and commitment in leading 5G-MAG in years to come. For a full list of the new SG, click here.


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