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5G-MAG welcomes BAI Communications as new member

The 5G-MAG Steering Group has recently approved the membership of BAI Communications.

BAI Communications is an Australian headquartered ‘neutral host’ communications service provider in Australia, USA and Canada, and provider of communications services in Hong Kong. In this sense, neutral host means that BAI is a specialist communications infrastructure owner and operator, but is not itself a broadcaster or telecommunications carrier.

In Australia, BAI provides managed services and portal services to broadcasters (i.e. fully or partially outsourced terrestrial broadcast transmission services) from a network of over 700 sites around the country, operations and maintenance services to emergency services communications networks operators (principally the NSW Government’s Government Radio Network), as well as site access arrangements to telecommunications and radiocommunications operators.

In the USA and Canada, BAI Communications companies provide neutral host communications services including telecommunications, Wi-Fi, and emergency services communications within the New York City and Toronto subway systems.


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