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5G-MAG members gather at the General Assembly'23 with lots of news and demos

5G-MAG held its seventh General Assembly in Geneva last week. The meeting was an opportunity for members to meet in person, discuss current areas of work and future topics and enjoy demos brought for the occasion.

The 5G-MAG Workgroup chairs had the chance to provide an overview of all the achievements during 2023 which led to packed agenda.

5G-MAG Demos: XR Reference Tools (Qualcomm) and New Video New Life (Huawei)

The 5G-MAG members present during the meeting could also enjoy demonstrations on:

  • New Video New Life, brought by Huawei, showing new characteristics of Advanced Media Services including Social (Video Call on TV over VoLTE, Video Co-Viewing (watch party) and Remote Content Sharing), Intelligence (Intelligent assistance & Companion (Digital Human), Fitness & Exercise) and Ubiquitous (Multi-Screen Transferring) features.

  • the XR Reference Tools that will be soon made public in our GitHub and contributed by Qualcomm consisting of a Unity project to load an MPEG-I Scene Description document and render it; a native implementation of the Media Access Functions API as defined in ISO/IEC 23090-14; Media Access Function API Unity3D package; a fork of the glTFast project with modifications to parse the MPEG-I scene description glTF extension; an initial set of MPEG-I Scene Description assets; and an initial support for extensions to blender to generate 3D assets.

Reports on the Areas of Work

Media over IP: Live Contribution and Remote Production

The Workgroup CP Chairs, Thibaud Biatek (Nokia) and Jens Pilz (Sennheiser) highlighted the recent publication of the “Guidelines on registration and onboarding for media production equipment over 5G NPNs“ and the work in progress in WI_008 regarding support of Time Sensitive Communications in the 5G System and Uplink Media Streaming,

The Workgroup EaR Chair, Prakash Moorut (Shure) focused on the completion of report “Spectrum access for live media production using Non-Public Networks (NPNs)” and the work in progress in WI_006 on deployment models for media production using NPNs.

Live and On-demand media streaming

The Workgroup CD Chair, David Vargas (BBC) focused on the work kick-started around 5G Media Streaming and the tracking of specification issues in GitHub and the workflow established to fix them including regular exchanges with 3GPP SA4.

The Workgroup DEV Coordination, Jordi J. Gimenez (5G-MAG Project Office), highlighted the 5G-MAG Reference Tools projects building support for advanced features such a network assistance, QoE metrics reporting and consumption reporting.

The Workgroup UC Chairs, Roland Beutler (SWR) and Simon T. Jones (DTG) reported on the work in progress under WI_002 on mobile distribution and scalability of concurrently consumed content.

5G Broadcast for TV, Radio and Emergency Alerts

The Workgroup CD Chair reported on the completion of ETSI TS 103 720 v 1.2.1 and the on-going capture of issues in GitHub for v1.3.1.

The Workgroup DEV Coordinator announced the upcoming contribution an Android-based middleware component that may enable developing applications based on this operating system.

5G Multicast and Broadcast delivery over 5G networks

The Workgroup CD Chair reported on the completion of the explainer on 5MBS and the collection of specification issues in GitHub and regular exchange with SA4.

the Workgroup DEV Coordinator mentioned the work to support an MBS core network in the 5G-MAG Reference Tools.

Media beyond 2D: Advanced Media Services over 5G

The WG UC Chairs reported on the on-going collection of use cases around volumetric video, free view point, immersive media, etc brought by the membership together with architecture, feasibility and potential requirements.

XR and Immersive Media

The approval of a new Work Item on “XR and 3D Assets in 5G-based communication” was announced, together with the upcoming contributions on XR tools being integrated in GitHub, for which early access can already be requested.

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Recent liaisons and partnerships

Worth referring to the 5G-MAG input to the 3GPP Workshops on Rel-19 topics in its role as Market Representation Partner and how 5G-MAG is facilitating discussion on topics for pre-aligning views as requested by proponents.

Thomas Stockhammer (Qualcomm) and JTF 5G-MAG/DVB Co-Chair for 5G-MAG reported that the JTF work is complete and ETSI TR 103 972 is public. Discussion triggered in the context of Reference Tools to validate the finding of the report.

The WG PC Chair, Victor Kueh (Huawei), mentioned the recently announced collaboration with 6G-IA.

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