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16.08.23 - New Releases! - 5G-MAG Reference Tools for 5G Media Streaming

Version 1.0.1 of the 5G-MAG Reference Tools - 5G Media Streaming Client Components is now available, including some minor improvements. All details can be found below.

The work on 5G Media Streaming in the 5G-MAG Reference Tools continues as we are working on QoE metrics reporting, consumption reporting as well as network assistance and dynamic policies features.

All information can be found on our website:

5GMS Common Android Library v1.0.1

- Release notes:

5GMS Media Stream Handler v1.0.1

- Release notes:

5GMS Media Session Handler v1.0.1

- Release notes:

5GMS Application v1.0.1

- Release notes:

Big thanks to the developers involved and our Daniel Silhavy


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