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5G-MAG Reference Tools XCHANGE + DEMOS

Media + ICT + Collaboration
We provide a framework for stakeholders in the media and ICT industries to collaborate building solutions for the connected media world

Solutions within the 5G Media ecosystem
Our members work with next generation technologies to unleash new media experiences, changing the way content is created, distributed and consumed

Accelerating technology into services and applications
We support the introduction of requirements into standards bodies and the transition of specifications for use in services and products

Developing Open Software for Connected Media Applications
Our members sponsor open software tools to support prototyping, trials and possibly even deployments

Member-, Contribution- and Action-driven
Our work and topics are driven by our members. We encourage work that is pragmatic, and oriented to generate impact for the benefit of the industry

Shaping the Connected Media Future



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Activity Hub


Workgroups to catalyse member-driven Work Items

5G-MAG Workgroups (WGs)

  • WG1: Use Cases, Requirements and Opportunities

  • WG2: Content Production - Standards and Architectures

  • WG3: Content Distribution - Standards and Architectures

  • WG4 Development and Implementation

  • WG5: Ecosystem and Regulation

  • WG6: Promotion and Communication

External Groups

  • Joint DVB/5G-MAG Task Force (External Group governed by Liaison Agreement with DVB)

  • 5G-MAG Reference Tools Developers Group (External Group open to developer community)

Developer Space

Implementation feedback help shape specifications


Open Community of Developers

Open developers' community sponsored by 5G-MAG members

Reference Implementations

Reference implementation of 5G media platform components and features

Feedback to 

standards experts

Facilitating exchange between developers and standardization experts

IPR-friendly License Model

Developed to foster contributions, demos, testing, commercialization


Written outcomes from our Workgroups


Participate, learn, discuss and provide feedback

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