Feasibility Analysis for AV Production over 5G


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We provide a framework for stakeholders in the media and ICT industries to collaborate building solutions for the connected media world

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Our members work with next generation technologies to unleash new media experiences, changing the way content is created, distributed and consumed

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We support the introduction of requirements into standards bodies and the transition of specifications for use in services and products

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Our members sponsor open software tools to support prototyping, trials and possibly even deployments

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Workgroups to catalyse member-driven Work Items

 WI Feasibility Analysis for Audiovisual Production over 5G

  • Device (UE) on-boarding and provisioning for 5G NPNs

  • Support of Time Sensitive Communications in 5G Systems

  • Interworking between 3GPP (NR) and non-3GPP access

  • Media Streaming architecture for Uplink Streaming applications

  • Architecture enablers for Edge computing applications

  • Support of low-latency applications in 5G networks


WI Emergency Alert System based on LTE-based 5G Broadcast

  • Profiling of Emergency Alert System over 5G Broadcast fully integrated within the 3GPP ecosystem


WI Media Production and 5G Non-Public Networks

  • Overall architectures for media production and contribution over 5G

  • 5G-enabled equipment for acquisition, monitoring, and auxiliary processes

  • Characterization of relevant scenarios::

    • ENG and Contribution

    • AV production with fixed and nomadic network deployments

    • AV production in seasonal stage

  • Identification of requirements and KPIs

  • Survey of 5G features in Release 16 and Release 17 for identified scenarios


WI Audio-Video Codecs and Protocols

  • Analysis of supported AV codecs and protocols for media distribution over 5G systems


WI 5G Multicast Broadcast Services

  • Analysis of standardization status of 5MBS for broadcast services, multicast services and unicast-to-multicast switching

WI 5G Linear and On-Demand Streaming

  • Collaboration models for 5G Media Streaming

  • Implementation of 5G Media Streaming Architecture according to Release 17 in 5G-MAG Reference Tools


WI LTE-based 5G Terrestrial Broadcast

  • Identification of use cases and service proposition for 5G Broadcast technology

  • Maintenance of ETSI TS 103 720 specification: «5G Broadcast System for Linear TV and radio services»

  • Implementation of 5G-MAG Reference Tools according to 3GPP specifications

Developer Space

Implementation feedback help shape specifications


Open Community of Developers

Open developers' community sponsored by 5G-MAG members

Reference Implementations

Reference implementation of 5G media platform components and features

Feedback to 

standards experts

Facilitating exchange between developers and standardization experts

IPR-friendly License Model

Developed to foster contributions, demos, testing, commercialization


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