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Spectrum access for live media production using Non-Public Networks (NPNs)


This is a report produced by the 5G-MAG Workgroup EaR (Ecosystem and Regulation).

Current version of the report: v.1.0

Date of publication: 12th July 2023


This report focuses on the spectrum access models and frequency bands suitable for the deployment of Non-Public Networks (NPN) for live media production scenarios, including those captured in the 5G-MAG Report "Towards a comprehensive 5G-based toolbox for live media production".

This report provides:

  • a description of spectrum access models in different frequency bands that would enable deploying NPNs. Examples of different approaches to spectrum access by administrations are also given;

  • information on the bands defined in the 5G standards where NPNs may potentially be deployed;

  • discussion on relevant spectrum access requirements for the deployment of NPNs for media production applications.


5G-MAG welcomes feedback from the community to this document.

If you have comments on the report, please submit them using our GitHub repository for "Request for Feedback"

5G-MAG members may take further actions on this document according to the comments received.


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