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New Releases! - 5G-MAG Reference Tools for XR & Immersive Media

We are thrilled to announce that we have released a series of repositories on XR and Immersive Media development.

All information can be found in our renewed GitHub documentation:

The initial releases include reference implementations for content playback and content generation compliant with MPEG-I Scene Description specification as defined in ISO/IEC 23090-14. Work is on-going to include more functionalities and address the integration of 3D and XR assets in 5G communication systems.

The release of the open-source repositories helps developers to get started with standardized technologies in the XR and Immersive Media ecosystem and enables the creation of content and players that can consume it.

The repositories released include:

A big thanks to the contributors from Qualcomm and InterDigital and the coordinator of the efforts Nils Duval (Motion Spell).


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