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New Releases! - 5G-MAG Reference Tools for more reliable media streaming over 5G networks

We are thrilled to announce that we have released a series of repositories on 5G Media Streaming development.

All information can be found in our renewed GitHub documentation:

Our new releases offer support for QoE Metrics Reporting and introduce a new "Application Provider" repository with a web-based GUI for 5GMS management. Moreover, we implemented a new website that contains documentation and tutorials:

A tutorial on how to set up QoE Metrics Reporting can be found here:

Big thank you to all the contributors who made this possible especially David Waring, Richard Bradbury, Dev Audsin, Vuk Stojkovic, Shilin Ding, Thomas Stockhammer and Jordi Gimenez.

The repositories released include:

A big thanks to the contributors from BBC, Fraunhofer FOKUS and Qualcomm and the coordinator of the efforts Daniel Silhavy (Motion Spell).


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