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LTE-based 5G Broadcast trials in Valle d'Aosta (Rai)

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  • RAI (Public Service Media Organization - TV Content Provider - Broadcast Network Operator)

  • Technische Universität Braunschweig (TUB)

  • EBU (European Broadcasting Union)/EMS (Eurovision Media Services)


  • Provide high-quality video media content and service to mobile devices using conventional terrestrial broadcast network infrastructure​


  • August 2018 (trial performed during the European Championship)


  • Aosta (Italy)


  • FeMBMS (Release 14)

​​Equipment and Infrastructure

  • Two HPHT transmitter sites in SFN (Single Frequency Network) mode, EnTV/EPC core, hardware/software defined receiver (SDR) by TUB


  • UHF channel 53 (730 MHz center frequency)

Main Goals

  1. Implement a stand-alone LTE eMBMS network deployed on terrestrial broadcast infrastructure

  2. Distribution of live TV broadcast over an LTE eMBMS (broadcast) network to mobile devices

  3. Mobile reception (in the vehicles)

  4. Free to air reception

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