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Guidelines on registration and onboarding for media production equipment over 5G NPNs


This is a report produced by the 5G-MAG Workgroup CP (Content Production - Standards and Architecture).

Current version of the report: v.1.0

Date of publication: 7th September 2023


5G-MAG has studied deployment scenarios for live media production using Non-Public Networks (NPNs), both stand-alone and in public networks.

The 5G-MAG report "Towards a comprehensive 5G-based toolbox for live media production" presents high-level scenarios involving 5G devices for media applications. Before using them, devices need to first gain access to the 5G network though several registration and authentication procedures. After use, devices should be "de-registered", i.e. have their access rights revoked.

This report provides:

  • Information on the registration, authentication and onboarding procedures for devices in NPNs

  • guidelines for users and operators of 5G NPNs in relation to aspects such as network identifiers and storage and local and remote provisioning of credentials


5G-MAG welcomes feedback from the community to this document.

If you have comments on the report, please submit them using our GitHub repository for "Request for Feedback"

5G-MAG members may take further actions on this document according to the comments received.


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