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5G Video Pilot: Edge-based Media Distribution (Novelsat)

5G is set to become the content-of-the-future distribution network, revolutionizing the way we watch and experience video. Enabling ultra-fast speeds and low latency like never before, 5G is unleashing a new generation of experiences on any screen.

Cellcom, Israel’s largest cellular provider, and NOVELSAT, a global leader in content connectivity, partnered on a pilot of real-time video content distribution over a 5G network infrastructure.

As part of the pilot, Cellcom implements a full 5G network for delivering video content to multiple user devices. Video content of CellcomTV service is distributed in real time to 5G base stations by NOVELSAT's solution. At the cell site, NOVELSAT’s edge solution performs video processing using edge-computing capabilities and streams the video content at the highest quality and with the lowest latency to a wide range of user devices – from smartphones to TV sets. The pilot demonstrates the benefits of edge-based video delivery in terms of both video traffic efficiency and end-user experience quality (QoE).

The pilot includes two phases, where phase 1 includes a controlled 5G cell at Cellcom’s lab with terrestrial core-to-edge connectivity, and phase 2 includes a live 5G cell site with satellite core-to-edge connectivity. In this world’s first trial of edge-based media delivery for mobile networks, Cellcom and NOVELSAT are delivering live channels and on-demand content to both mobile and fixed wireless users with 5G and 5G-FWA connectivity.

During the month of May 2022, Cellcom and NOVELSAT have successfully completed phase 1 of the pilot, showcasing:

  • Higher video quality

  • Lower video latency

  • Network congestion mitigation

  • Multiple user devices – smartphones and TV sets

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Cellcom and NOVELSAT Plan to Partner on a 5G Video Pilot (Novelsat) -


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