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5G-TOURS: Video services for tourists, citizens and students (RAI, UPV)

LTE-based 5G Terrestrial Broadcast trials within the context of the European 5G-TOURS project.

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  • RAI (Public Service Media Organization - TV Content Provider - Broadcast Network Operator)

  • UPV Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (Academic institution)

  • Enensys EXPWAY (manufacturer of Broadcast Network Equipment and Test & Monitoring Equipment for digital broadcast)


  • Delivery of high-quality video services for tourists, citizens and students enriching their touristic and/or educational experiences


  • FeMBMS Rel-14 (Q4 2020), LTE-based 5G Terrestrial Broadcast Rel-16 (2021)


  • Turin (Italy)


  • FeMBMS (Release 14) / LTE-based 5G Broadcast (Release 16)

​​Equipment and Infrastructure

  • One HPHT transmitter site, EnTV/EPC core by Rohde & Schwarz, hardware/software defined receiver (SDR) by Rohde&Schwarz and iFN

​​Spectrum / Frequencies

  • VHF 11 (216-223 MHz, center frequency 219,5 MHz)

Main Goals

  1. 5G Broadcast delivery to massive audiences with HPHT infrastructure

  2. Study the performance of a 5G broadcast signal in mobility (in car scenario) and urban outdoor

  3. Improved video user’s experience

  4. Distribution of audio-visual (A/V) content and services to a potentially unlimited number of users

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