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5G-Today: 5G Broadcast in dedicated broadcast networks

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  • BR (Public Service Organization – TV Content Provider – Broadcast Network Operator)

  • IRT (Broadcast Technology Institute)

  • Kathrein Broadcast (Manufacturer of Broadcast Antennas)

  • Rohde & Schwarz (Manufacturer of Broadcast Network and Transmitter Equipment)

  • Telefónica Germany (Mobile Network Operator)


  • Delivery of high quality TV services to mobile devices​


  • July 1st 2017 to February 29th 2020


  • Munich and Bavarian Alpine Region (Germany)


  • FeMBMS (Release 14)

​​Equipment and Infrastructure

  • Two transmitter sites

  • New antenna with circular polarization

  • Core network and FeMBMS transmitter by Rohde & Schwarz

  • Measurement receiver KSA LTE Scanner FeMBMS by Kathrein Broadcast

  • Prototypical FeMBMS receiver by IRT


  • UHF 56 (750-758 MHz, center frequency 754 MHz) - 5 MHz

Main Goals

  1. Development of 5G Broadcast components for end-to-end solution

  2. Evaluation of 5G Broadcast as a broadcast system

  3. Study the performance of a 5G broadcast signal for mobile reception in urban, sub-urban and rural areas

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