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5G Media Streaming: End-to-end setup with Android clients

Daniel Silhavy is providing guidelines for an end-to-end setup for 5G Downlink Media Streaming containing the Android clients components and applications contributed by Fraunhofer FOKUS and a reference DVB-I app contributed by Dolby. These developments grow on top of the server side components contributed by the BBC and covered here.


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The starting point around 5G Downlink Media Streaming was to implement basic functionalities for 5G Media Streaming with DASH-based media streaming using 5GMS formats and protocols. Continuing the efforts reported here, additional components have been implemented.

A 5GMSd Application Server (5GMSd AS) is configured as a CDN node with the configuration provided by the 5GMSd Application Function, over reference points M1d and M3d. Test assets are pulled from a content origin at reference point M2d and cached. A 5GMSd Media Stream Handler to play back DASH media is built around the open-source Exoplayer and invoked by a 5GMSd-Aware Application using the M7 client API. The 5GMSd-Aware Application uses a Service Access Information JSON file provided by the Application Provider via the private M8d reference point. The Service Access Information file includes a media entry point such as the URL to a DASH MPD hosted by the 5GMSd AS and exposed via reference point M4d.

A 5GMSd Media Session Handler is added to the list of components. The 5GMSd Media Session Handler is invoked by the 5GMSd-Aware Application at the start of each media streaming session via a client API call at reference point M6d. The 5GMSd Media Session Handler retrieves Service Access Information from a 5GMSd Application Function (5GMSd AF) via reference point M5d. The returned resource includes a Media Entry Point such as the URL of a DASH MPD hosted on the 5GMSd Application Server. The Media Entry Point is passed to the 5GMSd Media Stream Handler by invoking a client API at reference point M7d.


Check the Developer Space and the new Wikis for more details on the architectures, repositories, implementations and news around the 5G-MAG Reference Tools Development Programme.


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