Remote Television Production: Itinerant Orchestra part of the 5G-TOURS project (5G smarT mObility, media and e-health for toURists and citizenS)


  • RAI (Public Service Media Organization - TV Content Provider - Broadcast Network Operator)

  • TIM (MNO)

  • LiveU (Industry)

  • Ericsson (Network manufacturer)

  • Comune di Torino (Minicipality)

  • Fondazione Torino Musei


  • Provide high-quality AV signal via the 5G network to the main editing facility where it is properly processed and mixed with both the rest of the itinerant musicians and the orchestra located in the concert hall. 


  • Itinerant Orchestra first trial: autumn 2020 (divided in two phases: trial with two remote musicians (27th October), concert (11th November)), Itinerant Orchestra event: 2021


  • Turin (Italy)


  • 5G-SA

Equipment and Infrastructure

  • Commercial 5G network and indoor extension of the core network


  • 3720 MHz to 3800 MHz

Main goals

  1. Exploitation of the 5G TOURS network features for remote television production, investigating how 5G networks could support various scenarios in which high-quality video is generated and transmitted;

  2. Analysis of a distributed TV video production where the content needs to be produced by mixing local and remote audio and video contributions in the TV studio;

  3. Delivery of the remote contributions to the main editing site via the 5G network in real time.