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The initial focus of the project has been the development of Rel-16 5G Media use-cases, targeting 5G Media Streaming and 5G Broadcast and including client, server/headend components and corresponding 5G unicast and broadcast radio emulators.


The setup should provide an end-to-end platform enabling the implementation of applications (media players) on top of the clients; service layers and applications developed by other media-related organizations; hybrid scenarios and integration of third-party functions in the network.

Unicast Streaming
Unicast Streaming

5G Media Streaming Architecture with Unicast

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Hybrid Unicast and Broadcast
Hybrid Unicast and Broadcast

Hybrid 5G Media Streaming Unicast with LTE-based 5G Broadcast

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Within the initial phase of the project, the following components are expected to be developed:

  • General aspects:

    • Provide an architecture for the implementation of the client

    • Identify existing code and remaining tasks to be completed

    • Decide on architectural aspects such as APIs, code language, code re-use.

    • Ingest of reference services using CMAF/DASH/HLS

    • Ensure forward compatibility with potential beyond Rel-16 developments in 3GPP

    • Test Services for 5G Media Streaming and Broadcast server/headend

    • Identify relevant test service and test streams

    • Develop basic tools to develop test services and test streams

    • Provide a hosting environment for test material

    • Identify conformance aspect of test streams

    • 5G unicast and broadcast emulator for simulating core network and RAN

    • Reusing SRS-RAN code as per the original setup by ORS

    • Check who would be interested in developing Release 16 and NR unicast (both SRS-RAN based)

    • Auxiliary processes to use the setup end-to-end (e.g. integrating the receive process from ORS-OBECA, the gateway, application, etc)

  • 5G Media Streaming

    • Ensure compliance with TS 26.501/TS26.512 Rel-16

    • 5GMS Client : dash.js + MSH with Md5-8

    • 5GMS AF and AS with Md1-4 + 8

  • MBMS / LTE-based 5G Terrestrial Broadcast

    • Ensure compliance with ETSI TS 103720 and the corresponding 3GPP Technical Specifications

    • MBMS client with MBMS-APIs

    • BMSC with xMB

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